Thursday, January 26, 2012

Second day of Chinese New year- Chu 2

actually today i plan to go out to my grandparents house to help out because they had open house today
but then suddenly it rains heavily so i felt lazy to go. since it rained i went under then rain and got i caught a flu. i can feel that
i am going to fall sick soon. besides, my sixth sense told me that something bad is going to happen on me today but i really dont know
what it is. today i feel like whatsapping with her but i dont know what to say and i decided to keep in my heart. she told me her
horoscope which is cancer. cancer descibes that when someone has a problem she/he 95% will not tell anyone about their problems and
only will keep it to themselves.then i told her that she cant be like this. she needs to tell me her problems so that i can share
her burden with her but then she replied me 'dont want' when i saw that line i am really hurt because whatever she say i will keep
it in my heart. maybe i am just too sensitive/ thinking too much. maybe its just a small problem. maybe sometimes i am too overprotective
but i cant be like this. i feel that i need to give her a little privacy and some freedom.
everything will be fine, i am tired gonna sleep soon. goodnight.

I dont hope that is a Dream

Yesterday before i come back my hometown which is sarawak, i spent my time with someone in a place,
i was very happy that i can meet her before i come back,because i really 舍不得 her,but no choice, i still need to come
back my hometown celebrate Chinese New Year.
sometime i will feel jealous:( but this is really normal,as i like to give she freedom,
but when i see people around her, i will be jealous...
but, i still believe her,because she never let me down..
in the place, she tell me alot of thing, i really hope that no is a dream,
if this is really a dream i hope that i wont wake up.
hais, i really miss her, hope she will get it and understand it,
im tired, gonna to sleep, night to someone and miss her<3

Never explain youself to anyone.
because the person who like you doesnt need it,
and the person who dislikes you wont believe it.
this really meaningful-

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

love really is a terrible-

Im back-
almost one year never write my blog already,
i just want to write a short diary-
i just want to say Love really is terrible,
Why must have love?
Love make everyone to get hurt and the pain,
im the one who cant get hurt and the pain person,
Love for me really is a important thing in a part of my life, and i will take it serious, but when i take it serious in the end them always leave me!!!
nowaday, i really have a feel to someone or either will fall in love to her,
but im scare this is a dream again, so i wont expect anything.
i always tell myself, is mine is mine, not mine force also no use
so, i hope everything will be fine-
just want to tell say, i really miss her-

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Day With My Family At K.L Last Day..

03/01/2011 星期三
Actually today also nothing special just feel want to write a short diary...
i just feel so happy,when my family beside me...
so today, i move all my thing from Klang to Subang Jaya...
because my college is gonna reopen soon, so need go back to subang le..
so, my family help me move all my thing to subang, and at the same time go to see my room..
after that, we all went go to time square and sungai wang..
my mami,keep asking me, u want to buy shirt ma??haha,funny right my mami=D
then, after finish shopping,my sister them want go KL center to buy their dompet, but,in the end also cant find it, so sad man!!!haha..
so, after that, we all went to the 'Maluri" there restaurant to eat..
my brother order some food, the food is very delicious..i like the taste, hope next time still have the chance to go eat...
then,after finish eating, we all went back to klang..
today i was very happy..because i think im so xin fu, have my family always beside me and support me.
Thanks to my family..


this year countdown i feel im very sad and have a boring life to countdown....
actually, i also dunno,why im very sad and down..suan ba!!!
this year countdown just a simple countdown, just follow my friend go dinner, after that, still feel hungry, then we all went to one mamak shop, to eat burger..haha funny right??
but it is very fun at all..
then,near 11.30pm++ is gonna to have a new year 2011..
then, that time im calling a person..
i think got 7-10 miss call ba!!..
but,she never answer my call,i just hope she can give me a chance to say "Happy New Year 2011" to her only, but one chance also no have. At that moment i really really really sad,so, i just send a msg to her, and i wait and wait her reply me a msg...
In the end, she also no reply me..
then,nvm ba~ i also wont blame her...i think this is my problem ba..
so, at here, i wish the whole world, "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011"-All the best ya...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

24/12/2010 星期五

24/12/2010 Friday...
今天是一年一度的Merry Christmas day..
我猜很多人一定在倒数吧!哈哈-那我就祝他们"圣诞节快乐"...也祝我爱的人"Merry Christmas<3"

Thursday, December 23, 2010


拿好了,我哥就载我到一间supermarket然后他就叫我在车里面顾车,他就下车去买一些材料 for tonight dinner...
after that, then we go back to home again...
after few minuter then we reach home already, then i get all thing go to put at the kitchen there..after that, i go back to my Room..
然后我就信息她问她“hello, wake up already ma?"然后她就回我说,'wake up edi, now eating".
so after that, i didnt msg her already, cos dun want to disturb her..
到了,5点多,我就上msn然后看到她online,那我就去say hi to her, then ask her doing what and bla bla ,but i dunno she busy on her homework, then still make her angry and disturb her..
so, at here, i want to say sorry to you chloe..
i will change my attitude at all, and become more "Mature", when i come back i want let u see the "Mature" David..i promise you...
然后到了半夜12点多我就msg her and say, i want sleep edi, then call her early sleep also la..and bla bla bla..
then her last msg let me so happy, because her tell me her wear i give her de [???????/]..... i also dun want said out la..she knw i knw then okies edi...
ok tired..write until here la..